About Us

# Who We Are

Al Istishari Center for Economic and Future Studies StraAD is one of the multidisciplinary think tanks based on cultivating the finest local, regional and international expertise in the domains of economic, strategic & futuristic studies.

Founded on the 6 th June 2016, Al Istishari Strategy Center for Economic and Future Studies stemmed from the need to address the rapid changes in the Middle East region. StrAd main purpose is to offer practical solutions and advice for a better future in the Middle East region.While the current think tanks in the region offer analysis of global and regional trends, StrAdadds a realistic and hands-on approach. This is reflected in the implementation of an economic core aspect in StrAd analysis. Without proper growth and development, solving problems and conflicts in the region becomes extremely challenging.

The majority of the current think tanks follow specific ideological patterns and attempt to promote certain ideational directions. In contrast, StrAd seeks to establish a progressive platform that fosters ideas exchange between decision makers and scholars. From such exchanges, we seek to help the governments of the region to adopt ideas and solutions in order to enhance the future of their countries. We also aim at promoting regional expertise,especially to Western governments and agencies and international institutions.

StrAd is an independent entity. Therefore, we are founded as for-profit institution, despite the fact that we act as a non-profit in terms of generating research and providing services for the general public benefits.

We believe that the political and the economic are intertwined, and as a consequence, we seek to provide holistic, pragmatic and executable solutions to address current challenges encountered by the Middle East region.

  • Providing in-depth and systematic analysis of the most important problems and challenges within the Center’s scope of interests and proposing innovative initiatives that contribute to the realization of the UAE’s vision of achieving sustainable development
  • Monitoring, tracking and forecasting future political, economic, social, military and security trends at local, regional and global levels. The results of these analyses will be reflected in the papers and reports published by the Centre.
  • Conducting rigorous scientific studies of future and forward-looking dimensions that serve decision and policy makers, as well as providing the best possible alternatives designed to rationalize conclusions and control the course of future transformations.
  • Providing advice to governmental and private institutions in the areas that fall within the Center’s competence, thus contributing positively to the achievement of its goals and objectives.
  • Preparing and implementing public opinion polls and surveys in different fields for public and private sectors at the local, Arab and international levels.
  • Organizing training programs for citizen researchers, and providing them with knowledge and academic support, with a view to disseminating the culture of research, inquiry and reasoning.
  • Deepening the foundations of intellectual dialogue to meet knowledge and cultural requirements and contribute to discerning future trends and developments to help draw relevant policies and proposals.
Team of Experts

The Center has a multi-national research team with extensive experience in disciplines related to the Center’s areas of work in addition to hosting a team of non-resident researchers and experts. The Center’s Advisory Board, which includes distinguished academic figures, undertakes the functions of guidance and evaluation, proposing research plans and providing technical advice to researchers.

The Center’s research specialties cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Social sciences
  • Combating terrorism and extremism
  • International relations and foreign policy
  • Public policy
  • International economics
  • Energy and Industry
  • Sustainable development
  • Monetary and financial policies
  • Econometrics and modeling and Statistics
  • Population and human development
  • Smart Governance
  • Public opinion polls

The Center also provides expertise related to specific areas, such as:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Military-Civilian relations
  • Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality
  • Intelligent Tutoring and Educational Development
Publications and Activities
  • The Center produces scholarly research papers and reports and organizes conferences, workshops, training programs and discussion seminars.
  • The Center holds scientific cooperation partnerships with Arab and foreign research institutions to deepen and exchange visions and experiences in its fields of interest and to form joint research teams to enhance mutual cooperation.
Vision and Scope of Interests

Established in 2016 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with a branch in Ontario, Canada, the Strategic Advisory Center for Economic and Future Studies is an independent, non-profit research center that aspires to explore the future from strategic and economic perspectives. The Center’s areas of interest include

issues of concern to the UAE, its Gulf, Arab and regional periphery and its international relations at various levels. In addition, the Center is committed to investigating and following up global issues of common human interests.